Totem Unscented Candle 7.5x7.5cm



Candles are the perfect accessory to illuminate your home.
This candle offers a unique feel due to its shape, colour and purpose.
With an abstract design and silhouette, it’s a certainly a statement piece.
The subtle colour palette complements all décor – display around your home for a trendy approach.
Dine in candlelight for your next meal and enjoy the flickering spectacle.
Dazzle interiors with this decorative candle.

Up To 40 Hours Burn Time

Ensure Your Candle Is Placed On A Suitable Candle Plate. Remove All Labels Before Burning. Never Leave Unattended When Lit. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children/Pets. Do Not Place Near Flammable Materials Or In Draught. Trim Wick To 6mm Before Lighting.

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